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EXPANDING HORIZONS: Whitsunday Times journalist Charlotte Lam goes diving on Saturday morning with Whitsunday Diving Academy for Women’s Dive Day.
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The Whitsunday Diving Academy is now offering dive day trips on our training vessel Liquid Fever.  Two dives for only $180 all inclusive, no hidden extras.

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Our Discover Scuba experience will allow you to try Scuba Diving with one of our experienced instructors.  In protected shallow water we will ensure that you are comforatble and feel safe and that your first scuba experience will introduce you to the joys and wonders of diving.

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Open Water courses are being run continuously so you will be sure to find a time to suits your needs.  Our evening courses are ideal for professional people with a busy schedule. 

Want to expand your diving qualifications?
Our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver courses will enable you to make the most of your diving skills.

21 Specialty courses from as little as $250!! 
Navigation, Video, Naturalist and many more. 

Why not enjoy your job?
As a PADI Professional you can travel the world with the knowledge that will qualify you for employment in the dive industry throughout your travels.

Diving Adventures!!

The Whitsundays offers some of the most desirable sail and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  There are several tours available that will give you an experience to treasure.

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Welcome to the Whitsunday Diving Academy
Learn Diving at Queensland's Best Dive School

PADI professionals catering for your needs

Learn from the best!! 

At the Whitsunday Diving Academy we specialise in Teaching Diving.  We don't compromise when it comes to providing the best instructors and thorough curriculum.  

  • Affiliation with PADI
  • One of the best equipped scuba training centres in Queensland
  • Small and compact groups for individual attention to all participants
  • Extensive pool training for Beginners at their “own pace”
  • Flexible schedules and “work hours”
  • Constant communication and feedback towards “Continuing Education” in SCUBA diving

The Whitsunday Diving Academy is committed to:

Water Safety: Our visitor orientation initiative in conjunction with Royal Lifesaving Queensland and the Whitsunday Charter Boat Industry Association

Starting them Young: Our School and Youth oriented programmes aimed at developing Responsible eco-tourism and awareness while incorporating related school syllabus in diving courses to offer in-depth and hands on practical knowledge

Scuba Diver Education: All our dive courses are to the highest standard.

Careers in Diving: We have dedicated programmes towards becoming a Dive Pro!

Marine Conservation and Education: Through Forums and Awareness programs focusing on the health, state and protection of our Blue Planet.


We at Whitsunday Diving Academy pride ourselves as the Number One choice for anyone looking to scuba dive in Queensland. Our Whitsunday diving school is centrally located on the spectacular Whitsunday Islands and is a prime area for all aquatic enthusiasts who want to learn scuba diving in Queensland.

Who We Are…

We at Whitsunday Diving Academy are a group of diving experts who have acquired years of experience in the marine industry. We hold a deep love for underwater diving and want to pass on this passion to others. Our underlying goal is to provide the best quality scuba diving training in the region. Our services are ideal for all levels of divers, novice or expert, local or tourist. We welcome and cater to anyone and everyone who holds an interest in learning Whitsunday diving!

Our Symbol and What We Represent

We have chosen the distinctive symbol of a turtle as our logo. Turtles are the quintessential aquatic creatures and are a perfect way to represent the beauty and grandeur of the marine ecosystem. The turtle on our insignia bears a mortar board, which reflects our drive and ambition to impart quality higher education to our diving students. Our aim is to polish your diving skills so that you can fully live up to your hopes and expectations.

We are renowned for our attention to detail when it comes to offering first-rate scuba diving classes. We take into account all the diverse nuances of deep sea diving when designing our diving courses so that you can learn as much as possible about this magnificent water sport. Our students are our top priority, and we make sure to enrich their experience with us by offering them a wealth of information, facts and knowledge to give them a solid grounding in scuba diving.

For us, scuba diving is so much more than a sport. We think of it as a way of life, a unique art. Every art has a technique, a style, a skill to it. In the same way, scuba diving Queensland is a beautiful art form, one that we have honed and refined after years of effort and hard work. Because we integrate finesse, artistry and panache into our diving classes, we have achieved recognition throughout the country as a first-class Queensland scuba diving company.

Our Diving Courses

Whatever your skill level, we are willing to accommodate you and our range of diving courses will cater to your needs. We design our classes in such a way as to impart maximum information to our students through an exciting and fun-filled mode of instruction.

Our courses are both fun to teach and fun to learn, and we have adopted a friendly yet professional teaching strategy. In this way, we are able to build long-term relationships with our students, which helps us monitor and perfect their diving techniques and training.

Discover a vast, undiscovered world

There is an entire world out there just waiting to be discovered. With scuba diving Queensland, you’ll be able to unearth a treasure trove of deep-sea mysteries and unlock a realm filled with marvels and wonders at every turn. Coral reefs, shoals of colourful fish, a plethora of underwater flora and fauna—scuba diving allows you an unparalleled view of marine life that will stay as a cherished memory for your entire life.

Discover Scuba

One of the most thrilling aspects of scuba diving is learning how to breathe underwater. When you learn diving with us, our Discover Scuba course is a perfect way to begin your scuba diving adventure. This is a great course for beginners who don’t want to plunge directly into one of our certificate courses.

In this course, we teach you how to use the basic scuba diving apparatus in shallow pools so you get a feel of the sport. It is always best to start your scuba diving experience in a shallow pool instead of diving directly into the open seas. This will help you build a strong foundation that will remain with you as you progress further ahead.

Breathing underwater for the first time is a matchless experience! Moreover, it’s a great way to test the waters to see how the actual deep-sea diving feels like, before you opt for a higher course.

What we teach you in Discover Scuba:

  • A basic understanding about the scuba gear and how to don it properly
  • Learn to breathe and manoeuvre yourself underwater and test your comfort zone
  • Basic safety rules and guidelines

PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver certification is the building block for your scuba diving activities.  Once you are a certified Open Water Diver you can dive anywhere worldwide and expand your skills into specialties and advanced diving, and even make diving your career as a PADI Divemaster or Instructor.  There are three parts in this course:

  • Knowledge development – This is a preliminary basics-building activity that involves learning through quiz solving. Here, you learn about the nitty-gritties of scuba diving Queensland using a personal copy of the PADI Openwater Diver Manual. We hold classroom sessions where we ensure that your basic understanding is up to par before you proceed ahead.
  • Skills development in confined water – Here you actually test out the scuba diving gear and equipment you’ve learned about. This part of the course is conducted in the controlled waters of a swimming pool.
  • Openwater Dives – Now you’re finally ready to explore the open seas. In this part of the course, we move beyond the basics and prepare you to learn all manner of deep-sea sports.

PADI Adventure Diver Course

At our Whitsunday diving school, we offer courses for those who have progressed beyond the basic instruction and are ready to challenge themselves. Our Adventure Diver course will take your diving Whitsunday experience to the next level. We offer a range of thrilling activities in this course, including:

  • Altitude dive
  • Boat dive
  • Underwater navigator
  • Dry suit diving
  • Digital underwater photography
  • Drift Dive
  • Multilevel dive
  • Night dive
  • Wreck dive

And many more exciting activities! At Whitsunday Diving Academy, we ensure you are able to learn scuba diving in all its intricacies and detail!

School Camps

Another feature of scuba diving Whitsunday Islands is our range of school camps for high school students. These camps are limited to children aged 12 years and above. These school camps are specifically designed to teach our younger learners about the beauty of the aquatic world. Young diving enthusiasts can opt for either of two school camps:

  • Diving adventure camp – A 6-day certificate course divided between our training facility and our training vessel “Liquid Fever”
  • Diving and extreme sailing camp – A 6-day certificate course divided between our training facility and a “Maxi” yacht.

Our school camps are designed to accommodate the needs and timings of local schools. We are fully willing to cater to the specific requirements of our students and even provide accommodation to make their experience of diving in Queensland both creative and educational.

Coral Reef Appreciation

We at Whitsunday Diving Academy are highly invested in the protection and preservation of the underwater ecosystem. Our Whitsunday diving school provides a Coral Reef Appreciation course for young and adult learners alike. Our proximity to the Great Barrier Reef allows us to offer you an unprecedented glimpse into a magnificent but endangered world.

In this course, as the name suggests, we teach you to appreciate the stunning wonders that the aquatic world boasts. We help foster a deep insight into this imperiled realm and arrange a set of activities designed to protect and conserve this natural wonder. With this course, we aim to fulfill certain critical goal:

  • Instructing learners about the function and significance of coral reefs
  • Assess the environmental hazards and dangers facing coral reefs and what may be done to conserve them
  • Imparting effective information for those touring a coral reef

Career Options At The Whitsunday Diving Academy

Diving is generally considered a hobby rather than a career option. However, you will be surprised to find out that there are schools and academies like Whitsunday Diving Academy that offer courses as well as internships. There is a variety of courses you can choose from, after which you are certified. This can lead you to a total of 5 specialties that you can master: underwater digital photography, navigation, deep, underwater videography, search and recovery.

Some of the careers you can commence include becoming a diving instructor, guide, underwater photographer, dive leader or even an underwater videographer. Here at Whitsunday Diving Academy, we provide you with a career counselor who can further assist you. With actual first-hand experience during trainings, courses from Whitsunday Diving Academy turn out to be practical and fun that are sure to assist you in advancing your career.

To sum up…

Our Whitsunday diving school is built around our belief that the deep-sea world requires the same brand of care, appreci ation and maintenance as our land-based world. There are so many spectacular sights that you can only see once you dive below the azure blue seas of the Whitsunday Islands. Many people out there are enthusiastic about scuba diving Queensland, but are hesitant to take that crucial first step.

Our Whitsunday diving school is dedicated to imparting a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for the wonderful sport of scuba diving. We take care of all your diving needs, and serve to make your scuba diving Whitsunday islands experience the best diving getaway ever! Our courses range from the very basic to the very complex, and are fully reflective of your specific skill level and comfort zone. We never put added pressure on any budding diver. That is why we start you on a scuba diving Queensland course that you can be comfortable with, at a pace you prefer. However, our courses do pack the right amount of challenge to allow you to test your limits and exceed your expectations.

When you take courses at our Queensland scuba diving company, our trained experts ensure that you soak in as much information as possible to make the diving Whitsunday an experience par excellence. This is the reason why we are so trusted all over Australia and why people travel from afar to receive scuba diving training from us.